About Us

Spectra Controls was established in 2017 and started to its activities with the production of the lift control. Today, Spectra Controls is the leader brand in service fields such as lift controller , integrated controller panels, emergency rescue systems, LOP and COP. In order to provide maximum customer satisfaction, Spectra Controls continues to develop itself constantly since they pay a great amount of attention to research & development, production, quality control, sales and after-sales services.

Our Safety

Compliance to safety requirements builds trust with the customers. Be it on ethical or business sense, safety is the first measure for any industrial product, however minuscule their role is. At Spectra Controls, we strive to abide by the stringent safety norms applicable to all products manufactured by us. Safety is an intrinsic design of the product, built and monitored by our quality team. Even during product design stage, our safety measures are put in to eliminate or greatly reduce the risk of product-related injuries.

Our processes are in line with standards, and are subjected to independent assessment. Continuous monitoring of product safety makes our product safe for customers. To create and maintain safety and quality, we stay current with new regulations, industry best practices and marketplace conditions. Be it specification or conformance quality.

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