HD EKO-10 Controller

HD EKO-10 With ARD

Technical Specifications

  • Supports up to 10 floors, option between a up or down collective, or full collective control.
  • Includes an automatic door controller.
  • Call buttons and lamps require only one shared wire.
  • Simple and error free installation due to included terminals, economical and time saving.
  • Cabin serial communication output.
  • All parameters can easily be configured via LCD screen and keyboard buttons.
  • Adjustable parking station and travelling time.
  • At the waiting position, you can trace down and read off how long the lift worked after its last maintenance via the LCD screen.
  • Programming with password protection, code protection against unauthorized using.
  • Position information by Pulse-bi-stable switches.
  • Adjustable maintenance time, and warning on LCD screen when maintenance required.
  • The function of manual movement at low speed by using program buttons.
  • Short - circuit protected display outputs can be adjusted to every floor.
  • For lifts that have only one fully automatic door, the floor of the position of the automatic door can be chosen.
  • The display outputs are changeable to grey-code or binary outputs.
  • Overload warning signal.
  • At inspection the movement to limit switches or exact floor level can be chosen.
  • Adjustable car lamp time, lock wait time, wait at floor time, max high speed time and max low speed time.
  • Outputs for direction arrows, out of services signal and busy signal via 5A relay, a signal common input for these outputs.
  • Related to request, when power returns after a power loss, the car moves to the first floor.
  • Electronic control of phases, phase order and PTC (motor temperature). errors of these controls shown via LCD on board, turning off function by choosing the parameters, adjustable phase level sensitivity.
  • Warning signal on LCD screen when the door is open for a long time or when the stop return circuit is not detected for a long time.

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